I need feedback- Please review my instrucitional unit-Thank you!

Dec 13, 2011

Thank you to everyone who viewed this course! Your feedback and suggestions were very helpful.

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Rebekah Massmann

As far as module feedback, I didn't have time to review the entire thing yet, but here are a few suggestions:

  • On the second intro slide, there's a typo ("used in a professionally...").
  • I would probably change up the "titles" on the slides or consider completely removing them. The content speaks for itself, so in my opinion I don't think the learner needs to be told that it is motivating them.
  • I personally prefer the navigation on the left to be in place, so I know where I'm going and how much time I need to complete it.
  • Are you able to use audio? I feel like it might be more engaging, just using the audio with the images to go with what you are saying, especially for the intro slides.
  • Your objectives slide may be a bit redundant since you've already talked about those points in the motivation section.

That's as far as I got so far!

Hope this helps!


Regina Taute

Hi Sarah Beth!

Thanks for sharing this with us. I would first like to say that I actually learned something! Go you!

 My feedback is as follows...take it or leave it…it’s up to you!

  • Format your template to match the PPT template. The gray is a bit on the boring side. 
  • Loosen up the navigation.  As Rebekah mentioned, move the slide titles off the screen and use a nav menu. As a learner, I may know some of the introductory stuff and would probably want to skip to the "how".  I would use the outline view so that you have a menu on the screen. (I also think that it is important for a learner to see where they are going and where they have been.)
  • I LOVE your animations in the aperture and shutter speed screens.  They really helped get the point across. Can you find a way to create more interest on the other screen?
  • Why didn't you include the pre-test in the course itself?  It was interesting to take two separate pieces of the course.
  • I am sure that you are aware of all of the typos.  I won't write them all in this feedback but you will want to run through each screen to double check.  Even look at the quizzes for capitalization in the drop downs.
  • I also would like to hear some audio…if you can’t record your voice, how about a few shutter sound effects or wind blowing while you are looking at the mailbox picture, etc?
  • Create more interest by taking away the bullet points. Write in complete sentences that are easy to understand. The brain has to work too hard to process bullet points if there is no audio to support the points.
  • On slides where there are images of the camera settings arrows, animate the slides to create interest.
  • On the slides where you review the buttons and dials on the camera, use an engage interaction.

Please let me know if I can be any more help!


Katie Hart

Hey Sarah!  As a photographer and a course designer, I really enjoyed your unit.  I think it might be helpful to beginner users to have some navigation options on the side so they can go back and review the content as their going through.  As far as the content goes, this is a very difficult concept for a lot of people to wrap their heads around so something that allowed them to go back and forth by topic would be helpful. 

Also, this might be up to your SME but for a photography course, I'd love to have more image examples.  When you're learning a visual concept like that, the more images to reinforce the concepts, the better.  Just some ideas!  If you want help with any of the other modules, I'd be glad to take a look!

Colleen Hamilton


I'm interested in learning photography, so I enjoyed your training. I'm a technical communicator and involved heavily in documentation and training. One thing I'm going to suggest up front is to use proper grammar, tense, etc. and to use spell check. I like your animations, but I'd incorporate more of them, e.g., on the pages where you list bullet items, maybe make the bullet items images and link to the topics. There was a little redundancy from slide to slide (on some of the slides), but maybe that's intentional.

I like the idea of adding some audio. This way, you can focus in on important items, without a lot of text on the slides.

I hope that helps.

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