I need help with tacky...looking for template ideas

Apr 11, 2011

I need help with tacky.

I am building an Incident Investigation & Reporting Program. The plot is as follows:

The program will begin like an in class training seminar. It will be a little bit dry and all theory based. The dry material will be offset with some mild humor. The concept is that all required staff must attend this training session and then work with a Health & Safety coach for 2 weeks (these are virtual and not real coaches). After the training session the learner ends up with not just one coach but two. They often disagree and will try to sway the learner in the incorrect direction (but not inappropriate). The learner will then be taken through two incidents that they must investigate and report correctly.

The slide I have displayed is from the dry theory portion. I need a bad but still pleasing tacky presentation to go on the projector screen. I am having a hard time going back to the old ways of death by bullet point and tacky clip art.

Please help. I need a intriguing tacky and entertaining template.

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