Icon won't hide even though variable is true

Hello, friends! Happy New Year!

I am currently pulling my hair out trying to figure out why I keep seeing a lock when it should be hidden.

Setup: When a variable - JonesCompleted - is True, a lock icon should be hidden.

Problem: The lock persists even when the variable is True. 

Every other lock on the page also has this problem. I'm hoping that by figuring out the Valdez lock, I can apply that to fixing the rest (thereby solidifying my understanding of the solution).

I do have a Review link if you want to check out the entire scene, BUT I'd like to privately share that if you DM me.

Thanks for all you do!

PS If this is a simple solution and I overlooked it, I will be totally embarrassed.

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Heather Vogt

What's also odd is there are a couple other elements - a shape that makes the names clickable and a green check - that have the same setup but work just fine.

They are "opposite", changing state from Hidden to Normal rather than Normal to Hidden, but the when (when the timeline starts) and the how (variable is true) are the same.

Heather Vogt

W Gill,

I'm not sure what you're talking about. I do have slide references to test with, and the variables change from True to False when a user clicks something on a layer. My references show me my variables are changing as they should; it's just one of the three elements linked to those changes - False to True -  isn't working properly.

Sorry if I misunderstand what you're saying. Thanks for the help!

Heather Vogt

Wow. I just copied this scene to a new SL 360 project, ripped everything extraneous out and retooled it for sharing. It doesn't look pretty (I didn't realize how hard it was to copy and paste slides from one SL project to another - fonts were smaller, shapes were out of place, etc.), but it's functional!

I labeled where you need to click to change variables, trigger triggers, etc. This pared down (ugly) version functions exactly as my problem project; now I just hope someone can help me find a solution! 

Here's the gist of what I'm looking to get:

  • Variable JonesCompleted is True, a green check shows up next to Jones in the list. (Works like a charm)
  • Var JonesCompleted is True, the next patient, Valdez, is clickable with a shape. (works just fine)
  • When var JonesCompleted is True, the lock next to Valdez is hidden (doesn't work; lock doesn't hide)
  • The same problem - the lock staying normal - persists for Mohammed and Nguyen. Their checks and accessible shapes work great, but the lock doesn't


Heather Vogt

W Gill,

But I'd like each lock to be Normal when the timeline starts on the slide unless a variable is true; the locks should be Hidden when the variable is true. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you mean.

And some of the elements needs to wait until the timeline reaches 3 seconds; that's the timing for the clipboard to appear. I don't think the timing is the issue, but who knows?

Thanks again for taking the time to look at my project. I'll poke around making the tweaks you suggested and see what I get. Once I find a solution, I'll update this post.

Heather Vogt

Okay it looks like the problem was the When revisiting setting. Originally I had the slide on the default - Automatically decide. That always seems to work well for me, but this time it didn't.

I changed When revisiting to Resume Saved State. All my locks were hidden when needed. 

I don't really understand the When revisiting settings; I've read about them for sure, but, conceptually, I don't think I "get" it. I'll revisit those articles now that I have a use case for changing to Resume Saved State.

Thanks to everyone for the help!!