Ideal Flash parameters for embedding into Articulate

Hi, folks. This is one of the questions asked in advance of the European Conference in Leeds - I am hoping that, by posting it here, we may get some more ideas for the participants to ponder over on the day. Also, apologies if these questions have already been answered elsewhere - the fault is entirely mine for not looking properly. Now the question and many thanks in advance to you all for your suggestions:


What is the latest advice on inserting Flash interactions into Articulate (e.g. framerate, file format, dimensions, and anything else that I have not thought of)?

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Dragos Ciobanu

Good point, Phil. I also remember when I would import video in swf format from God-knows-where published at 25fps and wondered why things were going wrong... Then I found out that Articulate publishes at 30fps and the Video Encoder appeared, too, and most of the problems went away... I also remember Dave Moxon talking about the advantage of using the Video Encoder: you publish at the right framerate in FLV format, which you can also annotate with the Articulate Presenter Annotation tool... or have I dreamt this one?