Ideas for a video course needed

I'm looking for suggestions on the best way to create a course that will be based on a short video. Then video will demonstrate how to use a webite that interacts with SAP. The video will be a Windows Media file. It will be narrated and be less then 5 minutes long. I need to embed the video and have a test. I was thinking of using either Quizmaker or Storyline.   

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Jerson  Campos

I really don't think there are many ways you can create a "click thru"  training video. I guess if you wanted to go all out, you can have a company mascot/toon bounce around and explain what all the buttons are. Some good techniques is to make sure to zoom in on small icons, have good highlights around the areas you are focusing on, and make sure the mouse can be easily followed.

Michael Hernandez

I know this is an Articulate site, but I used Captivate for a video such as this with a test and it worked very well.  Also I have always wanted to try Camtasia for a video "click-through".  It provides the option to have the video pause until the user answers a question before they are able to continue.  It only produces the end product in Flash, but that will still work on most computers, but not many tablets.

I think Storyline would be the best Articulate option for your current needs.  You can add the quiz after the video is played.

Marty King

Hello Michael! I don't think I did a good job of describing what I was doing. I was trying to determine which software was best to use for this project. Since I posted this, I created a test course using only Quizmaker and produced a SCORM course that I was able to import to our LMS. I didn't know I could use Quizmaker like this. I created a test course using Storyline also and decided to use it instead of Quizmaker. I will create the video using Camtasia. Mike, I did consider using the feature in Camtasia you mentioned but I have an older version and I'm not sure how to do it and I have a Monday deadline.

Ken Chang

You could download the new version of Camtasia and install it as a trial. Then export out the video as a MP4 and embed the video into Storyline. Also, you could try the screen recording features of Storyline with SAP then record the scores of a quiz at the end of the course.

I recently tried using Storyline to record a Taleo training and it didn't work out so great--a few pop up windows never appeared in the capture also for some reason everything was out of sync. I really think Camtasia is the way to go if you are trying to record Flash Professional built websites as for some reason Storyline can't record some Flash based pop-up or fly-out screens.

Daniel Brigham


Why not use Storyline? You'd be able to do screen recordings (view, try, or test modes) and create some pretty robust questions around the screen recordings.

Ok, if the video already exists and you simply must use it, you could use Storyline to pose questions to the learner--"hey, stop the video when you see X occuring, etc, etc. Have you played around with Storyline and its screen recording feature?

Marty King

Daniel, good suggestion, and I did use Storyline for the course. I actually used Camtasia to record the video because I'm more familiar with it than Storyline's screen capture and because I only had three days to produce the course. Since the video was a tutorial, I didn't make it interactive. However, using Hotspots in Storyline I created test questions based on screen captures of the software in the step sequence to perform the process. The learner was required to click on the correct spot to get the question correct. The course consisted of a 4-minute tutorial video and then a 20-question test of which 13 questions represented the process.