Ideas for Compliance Course Design

Jul 22, 2012

I need some ideas for a securities trading course I'm starting to work on.  I've got the content from my SME, but I need an engaging way to present it to my learners.  I'm using Storyline,  so from a course creation perspective, there aren't really any limitations.  I'm not wanting to just put a bunch of facts on a page, but rather weave the information into an overall theme or story.

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Bruce Graham

Hi Jonathan,

This is a question that comes up now and again - see here for example.

What I try and do if possible to look at it from the perspective of what happens when people do not comply. It's always more interesting do do a course based around the breakdown of law, people getting sued etc. - scenarios that show why these things exist, and then linking it back to the thing you are trying to teach.

What specific type of "compliance" is it you need to teach?

Hopefully this helps get you started.


Jonathan Workman

Bruce -

Your link was very helpful in providing me with some perspective.  The type of compliance I am designing is commercial compliance (anti-money laundering, anti-corruption, government interaction, securities trading, etc.).  The three main points (broadly) are always, 1) What's the objective of the topic/course 2) What are the risks 3) How do I mitigate the risks.  Delivering these in a way that conveys the information while engaging the learner is the trick for me.

I will try to create a "non-compliance" course based on some of the suggestions and see where I get...thanks again!


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