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May 07, 2015

Hello - I'm very new to e-learning and the Articulate programs.  I've used Studio to build my first e-learning module, and just got Storyline.  I have now been tasked to create an e-learning module for a very dry subject with a lot of text about our company's financial process.  Any ideas of how to start?

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Chris R

Better yet how about a workflow - sort of the factory for building financial information (reports, statements whatever) - and why they're needed, who needs them? CFO, Operating managers need timely accurate data to make informed decisions?

You could open it with a scenario - a manager/CFO has to make a decision and the reports are late or innaccurate. This leads into why they need what they need, when they need it.

Include interactions such as drag drop or click/reveal (states) - or let them try their hand at determining the correct order of steps either at the beginning of the process or as a knowledge check after they learn about the major milestones. Consider including fallout or risks if inaccurate information is provided from one team to another - inter-team dependencies sort of thing - all depends on the objectives - does the dept. want to simply inform or elevate their performance?

Keep in mind you don't simply want 'brochure-ware' that's a written manual published online and it's all just click read. Keep text to minimums - as Wendy stated - essential info up front, nice to know or reference info in markers or imported files under the Resources link.

Keep it interactive :)


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