Images related to Film and Media Industry


I am creating learning materials on the aforementioned topic.

Although I have found a significant amount of free-copyrighted materials in Internet, many of the images corresponding to the golden age of cinema (both in Europe and USA) do not have a good quality.

Likewise, I cannot find much images for Asian and African films, as I like to promote cultural diversity in my materials.

Could you please advice me of any good websites/resources in Internet from which I can download:

-Icons related to these topics.

-Good quality images from films.

- Templates/themes link to film and mass media for Powerpoint/presenter ?

Much'isimas gracias.

Mari Cruz

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Matt Lobel

Hi Mari, I did some searches for you on our site ( and the best search terms I found for what you have described were:  Hollywood, film icons, bollywood, african film.

I'm not sure where you would get high quality images from films with the exception of perhaps renting the movies in HD on your computer and doing screen grabs.  To the best of my knowledge there are not sites that (legally) sell these images.  If your intent is to resell your course, you probably will have to deal with copyright issues related to them.

Linda Lorenzetti

Hi Mari,

Do you know Photoshop, or know someone who does?  There's a program called Genuine Fractals by On-One software that will improve the resolution of a photo. You can download a 30 trial here  I've used it for printed graphics and the results were great.