Variable Bitrate Video player - can we build it?

Hi all, 

We will be creating a lot of film soon. For the best user experience we want a variable bitrate solution, as some of our customers are in places where they may have problems streaming a high-quality film. 

I'm thinking that using a test, like the one described here:

...we could test the users' connection speed, and give them a low-quality (i.e. smaller framesize) film if it is needed.

Has anyone done this? Can you think of any issues that I might face?



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Adam Bayliss

Hi Matthew - thanks for a fast answer! - we've looked at the JWPlayer actually - and other companies that offer the VBS (including video hosting) - which we could then embed into our SCORM - but due to security requirements and time restraints, we can't use them for now, we need to upload the video files to our LMS as part of the SCORM package.  

Matthew Bibby

I don't know if they still have it as an option, but you used to be able to purchase a license for a standalone JWPlayer... player.

Using that you could package up your video files and bring them all into Storyline via a Web Object. It used to work reasonably well. The only issue I recall is that on slower connections the web object itself would take a few seconds to load, which could look like a blank screen to the end-user. This was fixed by putting a message behind the Web Object that read "Please wait, video loading..."

Might be worth checking with them to see if the standalone player is still available? We even had it programmed up to work with custom buttons in Storyline for even deeper integration.