Variable Bitrate Video player - can we build it?

Jul 20, 2020

Hi all, 

We will be creating a lot of film soon. For the best user experience we want a variable bitrate solution, as some of our customers are in places where they may have problems streaming a high-quality film. 

I'm thinking that using a test, like the one described here:

...we could test the users' connection speed, and give them a low-quality (i.e. smaller framesize) film if it is needed.

Has anyone done this? Can you think of any issues that I might face?



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Adam Bayliss

Hi Matthew - thanks for a fast answer! - we've looked at the JWPlayer actually - and other companies that offer the VBS (including video hosting) - which we could then embed into our SCORM - but due to security requirements and time restraints, we can't use them for now, we need to upload the video files to our LMS as part of the SCORM package.