Indexing Videos & webinars

I really like the way Articulate 360 Training indexes their recorded webinars.  The page is very clearly organized and I like the way the learner can jump to relevant content.  Can someone explain how this is done?  Is it just HTML code or is there special software behind it?

I would like to start organizing our nonprofits webinars in a similar fashion.  What are the secrets, tips, and tricks to creating this?

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David Anderson

Thanks for the kind words and feedback, Beth. I also shared your post w/ our dev team since they did all the great work.

Our team used javascript to tell the video player we use ( to jump to the correct start time for each bookmark. So each video has time codes that we add after the video is uploaded. If you've ever used YouTube's jump to time bookmarks, our site works essentially the same. 

beth grella

Thank David for that feedback. 

I have 60-minute webinars that I would like to index and allow the learner to jump to spots in the video that might be pertinent to them.  What's the best way to do this using Articulate 360 SToryline?  Would importing a 60-minute video then creating an index using tabs to allow the user to jump to the only parts that are relevant to them work successfully?

What might you recommend?  Do you have any users that do this?  I've seen the video-Bookmarks story (at the bottom of this page, but usually most videos are are a few minutes long.  Can I successfully do this with a 60 minute webinar?

Any thoughts, tips, or suggestions is appreciated!