Insomnia Severity Index e-Learning module

Oct 08, 2013

Hi my fellow e-Learning heroes,

I created this demo about a year ago and wanted to share it  here. I was given very specific instructions about color themes, templates and was told to keep it simple.

I did integrate a flash animation into one of the slides "Case Study" to make it a bit more exciting, well as exciting as a flash animation can be!

Just wanted to share it with you guys and as always any feedback is always welcome,

Oscar Guillen.

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Natalia Mueller

Hi Oscar,

Nice job! There is certainly nothing wrong with keeping it simple. It looks nice and clean and is easy on the eyes. I could also listen to the narrator read a dictionary but that's probably because I'm partial to English accents.  One constructive point is that the menu has a lot of duplicate items that could be eliminated or renamed. At least in the first module. I'm a fan of tucking the menu up on the player bar so if the learner wants to see it, it's available but not taking up real estate the whole time. 

Thanks for posting and sharing your work and welcome to the community!


Oscar Guillen

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for the comments and I just realize the link in my first post was linking to the wrong modules duh! Here is the right link

I totally agree with you about tucking the menu up on the layer, it gives more canvas space and I specially love the "Lightbox" feature as a way of summoning the menu or sub menus when requested by the user.



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