Inspiration needed: designing case studies

Jan 28, 2011

Hi Everyone,

Do you have any examples of "case study" designs in elearning? I'm interested in some design inspiration for including these in our courses.


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David Anderson

I like designing and writing case studies.

I'll often design case studies differently from the rest of the course - make them stand out from the other course slides. This helps thelearners know there can be a change in presentation style - audio to read only- and that their interaction with the slide will be different. 

One technique I use is a type of visual analysisw/mind maps.

A quick runthrough of the mind map might reveal:

Images andthemes: Folders, legal paper, file cabinet, legal briefs, leather cases, etc.Next, combine that with "study" or "example" or"profile" or "example" and you can use things like TVs,books, spotlight effects, photos, Polaroid, etc.

Here are a couple mock-ups of one possible direction:

What industry are you designing for? We could flush out some more ideas specific to your industry.

Kavita Luthra

This is great idea to design case studies differently from the rest of the course. 

I am working on a course (WBT already developed) that needs to be enhanced by including case studies. It is based on Operating strategy and cost of a tax advisory firm. Does anyone have any ideas on how to present case studies and then link the content slides?

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