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Hi all

Hoping there are Australian's here who can help.

I've been developing adult learning content for a year now as a Learning and Development advisor (secondment position) for a National NGO. Apart from completing the Cert IV in Training and Assessment (nine years ago - probably need to do the refresher), and the last years experience with Articulate, I have no other relevant ID qualifications. I would like to change this i.e., I love what I am doing :-)

At 45, full time job and with five kids, I would strongly prefer any courses to be online. I also prefer not to undertake a degree though courses still need to be substantial enough to build my resume.

I'm having trouble a) nailing down appropriate courses and b) finding courses from reputable firms.

Are there any Australians here who could offer suggestions please? 

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Troy Ashman

Hi Robert,

I’m from Sydney and I’ve found it exceptionally difficult to find any ID related courses, either face to face or online. 

In my experience, most courses I’ve seen are very vocational based and focus more on the methodology of learning rather than the practical “how to”. Last year I completed a Dipolma of Training Design & Development through RMIT online. Very theory based but absolutely worth it. This year, I’m completing a Grad Cert online from UNE in Elearning - recommend checking it out?

Saying this, b Online Learning (Sydney based) offer a range of online and ILT courses on Elearning essentials and Storyline. You could reach out to them? I’ve completed their Elearning Essentials Course and highly recommend it. 

Outside of this, I’ve been focusing my attention on my general graphic design, UX and UI skills via Treehouse (online).

Hope this helps. Good luck with the search. Happy to connect to share knowledge etc. 


Matt Blackstock

Hi Robert!

My name is Matt from B Online learning, and I facilitate our Elearning Design Essentials (EDE) program. Our EDE online program sounds like it may meet your need. You can find more details on our EDE page

Our next online session is to be held on the 19th and 20th of March.

I'm also happy to answer any questions you may have about it, so please feel free to reach out!

Kind regards


Robert Crooks

Hello Troy - thanks so much for your feedback!

I've been considering the RMIT course but an experienced ID colleague said it seemed more for someone looking to teach at Tafe (as an example). So I was in two minds, but your experience is pushing me towards it.

I didn't know about the UNE one. I have studied with UNE before and have fond memories, so will look into this as well before making any decisions.

Re: b online - funnily enough a colleague (same as above) emailed me yesterday about a course they are running. $900 for a total of 8 hours, seems a bit rich? I'll look into it though.

I just convinced work (yesterday) to shell out for a one day ID design essentials course in Sydney with AIDT. Have you heard of them?

Really wonderful reply, thanks so much Troy (btw - I'm from the Hunter Valley north of Sydney).

Robert Crooks

Hi Matt! I just finished replying to Troy about b online. As I said, a colleague received an email from you yesterday and forwarded to me. I'm interested, but the $900 is a discussion point with the wife (remembering I have five children lol). I'm just downloading the brochure as I write though.

Troy Ashman

Hi Robert,

The RMIT course was great but it is very vocational based. However, I found it to be an enriching learning curve as I haven’t had exposure to vocational environments due to working in corporate environments. 

Very much looking forward to the UNE course as it has some great units such as innovative Elearning pedagogy, accessible Elearning etc. 

b Online Learning were great! I found the course which I did, provided me with lots of practical skills, not only for Elearning but also general design and development. 

I have heard of AITD but haven’t don’t a lot of investigation. I’d be keen to hear your thoughts if you progress. 

Anytime Robert! I’m based in Sydney but originally from Newcastle (great area).