Instructional Design performance tracking

Oct 12, 2015


I am currently working on a better mechanism to track performance of our Instructional design team. We are trying to make it as objective as possible and do not want to rely heavily on just utilization.

I understand that industry is using other techniques to evaluate the quality of the products created by tracking the number of errors, time taken to fix, develop etc.

What do you do to track the performance of Instructional designers?




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Rishikesh Kumar

Thanks Ryan for your answer. 

I was away for a while and took so much time to reply to your post. 

I like the thought of using google docs for collaboration, for which companies normally have SharePoint as alternative. Hangouts for best practices is a cool idea. But, when it comes to Project Management and performance tracking, what are the metrics to consider (both for quality monitoring and project rating)?

Bob S

Hi Rishi,

Not sure how your team is structured.. Are your ID's also the project leads and/or also play in the development world?  Depending on that answer, here are a couple of thoughts...

Project Management -  Stakeholder satisfaction including factors such as clarity of communication, ability to capture needs accurately, adherence to deadlines, etc  This soft of feedback from their external customer is valuable to understand the ID as a business partner

Developer Feedback (if not developing themselves) - Clarity of storyboards, timeliness of feedback, problem resolution, etc.  This sort of feedback from their "internal" customers/partners can tell you how the ID deals with their team

Course-level Statistics -  Not just usage, but more revealing metrics such as time-on-course, average number of  quiz retries vs scores, end user satisfaction (pay extra attention to relevance and clarity of content questions).

Line Manager Feedback - Here is where you get into the behavior change aspect of understanding if your ID is effective at moving the needle. Have managers fill out a brief post-education survey some 30, 60 or 90 days after training, but be sure and state the explicit learning objective(s) that should have been transferred to behavior, then ask them to Likert scale the results from "worse then before training" to "the employee now fully embraces the concept and is a model for others"

Business Success - The holy grail yes? How have your IDs efforts translated into actual business results... Because this can be hard to quantify in many situation, make it a part of the overall rating rather than the end all, be all measure.

Hope this ramble helps and good luck.

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