Interaction ID Issue

Mar 17, 2022

I'm going to bring this question up again as all the related questions seem to be dated 5+ years ago...
I've received multiple requests to allow trainers to see the quiz questions that users get right and wrong.
What I have learned through many hours of reading posts, research and testing:
– Publishing to SCORM 1.2 only provides an automatically generated Interaction ID... that does not reflect the actual question.
– Editing the lms.js file was a workaround provided - unfortunately, I cannot find this mystery file in the published package; and even if I could, after opening other .js files there are not lines but rather a huge continuous paragraph of text (so clearly above my skillset)
– Publishing to SCORM 2004 v4 is supposed to also work; however, I have done this and the result is absolutely no data in the Question, Response, Right Answer, and Result columns at all.
– I know some have recommended using Rise; however, this is not an option.
I would really appreciate a solution to this as this has been a consistent request from those using our LMS for several years.
I'm using Storyline 360 and our LMS is Totara v13.
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Christy Tucker

Which report are you looking at in Totara? I can see interaction data for individual questions with Storyline published to SCORM 2004. It's not in the format you're describing though.

  1. Open the SCORM activity with a role that has permission to see the reports. (Note that this is not going into the gradebook or overall class or site reports; it's in the reports for the individual SCORM object.)
  2. Select the Reports tab.
  3. For the user you want to view, select the number in the Attempt column (usually 1).
  4. Select Track Details. That's where all the info for each interaction is found, including the question and response. It's not formatted great, but the data exists.
Christy Tucker

OK, I see that you have the data there for the individual responses. In this example, the user DeAnna Gontz got the question correct (the "result"). The question is "Select all correct responses for homes who have residents that use hypodermic needles or syringes."

You said the data isn't there, but I can see it in the screenshots with Track Details. Storyline is reporting the data.

In the other screenshots, I can see that you customized your Interactions Report. That's not a default Totara report; that's a customization in your specific instance of Totara. The Question, Response, Right Answer, and Result columns are all part of your customization. You'll have to work with your LMS admin or your Totara partner to get that report working correctly, since it isn't pulling the data right.

But, I don't think you can pull it in in that specific report in the interactions. Think about it: that report is grouped by attempt at an entire SCORM module. One row = one attempt at the whole module. Even though this sample has a single question, even something like a 5 question quiz wouldn't work because your report is trying to put 5 questions and responses into a single row.

You could export each report from track details and compile it in Excel. It would take a bit of setup, but you could probably automate importing and cleaning up the data for analysis.

If you want aggregated data on the quiz questions, the simplest solution is to build the questions using Totara's quiz functionality instead of building it in Storyline. That's what I've been told by a Totara partner, and I expect it's what your Totara vendor will tell you as well. Totara's built-in quiz reporting is actually fairly robust, so if you want that, you should use the tool you're already paying for.