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We roll out flyers for our call centre reps. Mostly these are related to product and notify a change or reiterate. How do I make it interactive so that they retain the information. Changes are quite frequents . Hence, the challenge.

Examples are scripts pitch to customers about buying our loans with full details and with call volumes, they forgot to recall all the points related to script. Moreover, we need to scale it up across locations. Hencd, elearning is the best option.How do we make them practice. 

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Hianna Sabo

Hi there. I wanted to ask your reasoning for believing that eLearning is the best option to present information that changes frequently. In my experience within a call center, information that changed frequently was best presented as a resource (document), easily accessible on an employee portal or network drive. The effort to update a word document or PDF is significantly less  than updating variables and elements in an eLearning module. Does this help?

Surender Rajput

Thank you for your reply. The reason I picked elearning as our lms is available to all including external vendor employees(they too help us in selling). Sharepoint is not available to externals and as of now we send it via emails to all but they missed out on few of these emails. We have  public digital library as an option in our lms where we can upload these flyers and that could be easily discoverable via specific page url even if they are on a call with customers. 

Hianna Sabo

We use SharePoint as well at my organization. We use TalentLMS and have the ability to add standalone pages and documents. However, if you're looking for a way to, for example, connect a database or spreadsheet in which you can input your updated messaging, then it automatically updates into the LMS, you might want to lean into our JavaScript gurus or perhaps see if your LMS can integrate with online management tools that would allow you to do this. Either way, good luck!