Interactive Table with functions

May 06, 2015

Hey guys,

Basically I am trying to create inside articulate something akin to an excel spreadsheet, which the user can input some numbers, which will have an affect and change other numbers based of a function.

Is there any easy way to go about this?

I'm already aware of the fact that Storyline 2 doesn't support tables so I thought maybe I'd be able to put one together with a bunch of boxes. I'm just not to sure how to go about getting the variables to work the way I want if at all.

Also if theres a Flash solution for this I'd be inclined to try that.


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Lewis Hardie

So I just went with going about it the long way (my list of triggers and things are far too long) and it's worked out pretty good.

However I wonder if there is any way to prevent a NaN entry from popping up.

Also I get some weird font issues inside the input boxes.

Would be great if anyone could help me out

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