Inserting buttons in a state

Feb 17, 2015

Hi everyone,

Somewhat new to Storyline 2, but I can't seem to insert a button on a state. I'd like the user to hover over a box which will trigger an abstract of the module...that much I have.

Now inside that hover state, I'd like to include a button that enables the user to jump to that module. This has to be possible, right? If so, how would I go about building the interactivity I'm aiming for...?


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Jackson Hamner

If I understand what you want correctly, then I had the same issue a while ago. My work around was to build the button and its trigger on the base layer, then cut (Ctrl+X) the button from the base layer and paste (Crtl+P) it into the state.

This worked for me, but it is a headache to update or change the trigger because you cant access it from the edit states page. If you want to change or update the button you basically have to recreate it and re cut+paste it into the state.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Michael,

I am not positive that I have correctly understood what you're trying to do here, but if I have I would suggest just building it all out on the layer instead of using states. Meaning: put the abstract as well as the associated buttons on a layer, and then add a trigger so that when the box on the base layer is hovered over the layer appears. In terms of maintenance, I think this will be easier than a combination of states + layers.

Tim Shelton

So you have a series of boxes that relate to modules or sections each brings up a description and a button to launch said course/section.

This is simple enough. You can have a range of buttons/shapes/images with triggers to show a given layer [that layer is set to hide others] when hovered/selected.

After creating a bunch of layers with the various abstracts and a simple button linking to slides. When a course/section is active the layer with the blurb/abstract will display on screen for the user to read and should they wish click the button to navigate to the content.

I hope this helps.


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