Interactivity for computer illiterate learners

Hi All - 

I'm looking for any feedback from the experience from the group.

I have a session I'm trying to create for factory workers, many of whom are older and not very familiar with computers. The employer thinks I should avoid engaging the learner to click, drag and drop, etc... as the learners may be confused and not sure what to do. 


Does anyone have experience creating sessions in such an environment?

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Mr C

Hi Jason

Not wanting to upset your employer but often assumptions are made about the abilities of some workers, you should do a skills analysis to know what you need to know

Your skills analysis could be as simple as a memory game (use some work related images), you should also include click, drag and drop etc challanges

Some staff may require one on one time but those lessons will benifit everyone

From there you can then develop you session:

  • keep the session short (less than 5 minutes)
  • provide clear instructions
  • provide consistant navigation
  • limit the words on the screen
  • watch the font size (not too small) and font type (clear and sharp)
  • use relevant images
  • provide voiceover
  • watch for color scheme issues (eyesight)

That is my 2 cents




Cheryl Theis

I had a similar project where we included an optional scene that explained the various navigation options they would encounter in the course.  This was placed after our introduction to the course.  We included a Navigation document in the Resource tab, so they could access it from any screen if needed.  The voice over said something like “If you are new to eLearning courses and would like a short preview of how to navigate through the screens, you can click the Course Navigation button. If you are ready to proceed to learn about xxx, click the xxx button. “

The feedback from our audience was most did not need it, but those that did appreciated the option to view the information.  Good luck on your project.