Storyline module - odd behavior for some users


For 90% of our learners a Storyline 360 project (300mb project) in our LMS is a complete success.

For others the same scorm will not load/open/initiate from within the LMS. 

For others the scorm will open but will not write back to the LMS as completed. The completed trigger on last page when timeline starts is the communication back to the LMS.

Unfortunately I'm not permitted to show you the storyline file.

Anyone with a similar experience?  Any feedback is very welcome.



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Nicole!

I can appreciate that it's frustrating when only a small percentage of learners are running into an issue, especially when you're unable to replicate the behavior yourself! Which LMS are you using?

Next time you hear a report about this, let us know which browser and version the learner was using. We'll be standing by – if we can find a trend, that will help us nail down what’s going on here!

Nicole Ralph

Thank you for your prompt reply Alyssa.

Other Australians in this community would agree with me when I say internet speed and coverage varies across our country. So eLearning package size is always a consideration when building courses.

Our helpdesk says the common factor when this occurs seems to be "Chrome browser on an iPad".  We haven't pinned down a version number/range as yet for chrome but we'll start asking users. 



Katie Riggio

Appreciate that extra insight, Nicole. It sounds like you and your team are getting closer to the root!

For next steps, your learners can visit this site which will generate all of those details easily:

And as always, we're happy to test your course on SCORM Cloud (a free industry-standard tool for LMS testing) in a similar environment. You can share the .story file here or privately via this link. 😊

Mike DiFonzo


I  used to have issues with courses and the LMS at another job. I'd have to tell them an iPad or any tablet wasn't really a computer and wasn't supported. They would use at their own risk. Even though it's Chrome, it's a mobile version and might act differently.

Did you publish as HTML5? That might solve issues with it not opening. I've had some issues this week with the passing of the completion trigger myself.


Nicole Ralph

Good morning,

Thank you @Katie

The supprtally web site is really helpful!  Thanks

Our scorm package passed the Scorm cloud test.  Thank you for this suggestion  I'm not surprised as 95% of our users don't have any issue.  Just our iPad Chrome using friends it seems.

Will keep testing/looking