Intermittantly non-functioning hot zones

Sep 16, 2015

The first slide of the attached displays a video and asks people to click the video where they see "caution zones". The second slide is a "key" that shows where they caution zones are.

When the caution zone is clicked, a "ca-ching" sounds and the name of the caution one appears in the lower right of the frame. There are six zones.

It invariably works perfectly in Preview>This Slide mode. When it comes to actually functioning in preview after publishing, or on our LMS, the zones intermittently fail to function correctly.

My hypothesis is that the interaction between the browser (corporate requirement is IE 11, so that's a fixed constraint) and the file set Storyline generates is not robust enough to consistently load whatever it is that's required for this to function consistently correctly.

Thoughts anyone?


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Midi Prefix

I haven't looked at the story file, but initial thoughts would be that either something is being placed "over the top of" the hotspots (are you using layers? does anything on them overlap the hotspots? what about states of things that then overlap the hotspots?)

Or something with the slide properties. Resuming saved state might be causing an issue depending on how it's set up. Tried forcing the slide to reset to initial state?

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