IOS 10.3.2 plays published SCORM video in full screen by default.

Aug 16, 2017

When developing certain courses with video content we add in video questions. The questions are located on layers and exposed at a point in time on the timeline or a cue point is reached.
All is well when when the course material is accessed via a desktop or Android device. The wheels come off when the course is accessed via a IOS device. In this case the embedded video plays in full screen mode thus hiding the underlying player. When the question point is reached the video will stop but the question (player) will not be visible. On the video the play button will be visible and if selected the video will continue without the question being viewed or completed. At the end of the video the same problem occurs.
The question is, "how to stop IOS defaulting the SCORM videos to full screen" thus allowing the course to be viewed within the App player?

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