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Jul 03, 2014

So here is a challenge.  This group is the best resource I've ever known so I am hoping someone might have an idea here.  Our sales force uses iPads sparingly right now.  I'd like to incorporate a dedicated Learning and Development landing page that can "ping" our users with new updates, daily news, and other useful information via a cool landing page that I can easily administrate.  The page and system would need to be iPad friendly and would need to be easy for one person to keep updated with news, links, and photos/videos.

My vision is each morning the representatives would receive their "ping" on their iPad and be reminded to open their landing page App or whatever.  It would open and they could choose to see what is new.  Maybe some successes from the sales team, a new messaging point to incorporate into the sales call, or specific customers they should call on for the day.  Also, they could click on a new video that will demonstrate the new portion of the sales call so that they can see it played out.  They might even click on the part that jumps them to the LMS if they have some modules due.  

Does anyone know of such a platform?  Or know of anyone who builds such things for the iPad?  I'd appreciate it if you could pass the information along to me!

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Alexandros Anoyatis

I might have misunderstood your requirement, however, my guess is you can create a shared calendar with a recurring daily event that includes a notification/alarm prior to that event (say a minute earlier). If you ask your representatives to include that calendar to their list of calendars, then you should be set. This is an easy, free, and quick solution.

However, if you require more strict controls then you should use push notifications. To integrate push notifications in your website, you first present an interface that allows the user to opt in to receive notifications.

In order to be able to send push notifications, you are required to register in the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles section of the Member Center. Registration requires an iOS developer license or Mac developer license.

Hope this helps,

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