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Rich Calcutt

Hi Paul, It uses a similar mechanic that I used for another project - an iOS-style toggle button, actually. I suggest a 'dragged over' trigger, rather than the 'dropped over' trigger your using currently, because there's no visual feedback (for example, a moving slider) to give the user any feedback that anything is happening. 

It's a nice template though. Thanks for posting. 

Kai ...

Awesome creativity Paul and Richard.

Paul: I looked at your youtube video and the pace is super fast to follow. Could you perhaps do a screener for us? Or maybe I am just slow...lol! Is there perhaps a SL file to play with? I am also curious to know how you managed to use the iPad template as a player template? I really like the idea from a look and feel. Then again how will it look with the player being embedded as an iPad player (shell) on the iPad? Thanks!