iPhone Courses

Jan 15, 2013

Is anyone actually building and actively selling these?

Loads of "chatter" about it, but I'm not sure of the market reality.

Just had a client request it, and frankly, I am not enamoured with the idea - iPad and tablet yes, tiny phone?


Not sure - just polling the community really!



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Bob S

To your point, Bruce...  We keep hearing a lot of noise but no true courses for mobile phones.

Instead what we've seen is folks using them to deliver supplemental content such as daily sales tips, short product cut sheets, calendar-type learning reminders, etc. I have yet to see any true courses delivered in this medium.


Bruce Graham

Rich Johnstun said:

We have a large segment of our force (5500ish people) moving to the Note II "phablet" and plan to start developing full blown courses to deliver on that platform in the near future. Up until now it's all been performance support content.

What type of courses would you consider to be appropriate, (if you can say...)?

Am genuinely interested in trying to understand what works and what doesn't.

Wondering what works, and what fits into the "...find another way" category.


Sasha Scott

Not designing anything specifically for the iPhone, but I am finding with some clients it's more a case of them saying something like "oh and of course it has to work on the iPhone because everything needs to work on the iPhone these days. So it will work fine on the iPhone, right? Because everyone knows Flash is dead, and we need to keep up to date..." etc.

So at the moment a lot of my stuff needs to "work" on an iPhone, and it's not negotiable in any way

Shwetha Bhaskar

Hmm what were you thinking re: deployment of an iPhone course? Were you thinking along the lines of a standard Articulate or Captivate course that would play on a mobile screen via a URL provided? (you're right, soo tiny Or would the training be in the form of an app that learners would download or a mobile optimized site (that could look something along the lines of this app, which is an example of many apps I've seen on a range of topics - basically simple interfaces, text, images, and maybe a few demo videos to create an self-contained module).

Regardless, IMO, I think anything that's heavily video and/or audio based would work - training big on demo videos and such like. The Lynda iPhone app is an interesting idea, flawed though it may be. Watching videos or listening to audio on mobile phone are behaviors smartphone users are already accustomed to, an e-learning 'course' interface may feel a bit strange? Outside of video/audio, the app Adapster is one I thought provides ideas for porting standard e-learning to mobile, with its features like quizzing, bookmarking, self-paced learning etc. 

Chris Corr

Shwetha. thanks for sharing these ideas! We are using articulate to build games, widgets and also more coventional SCORM courses. For training that is more informal and supplements formal training, apps are very useful. Suggestions would be welcome on how to get a SCORM pacakge into a standalone app.

Heres an example.



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