Is a Summary Slide Absolutely Needed?

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I teach/provide elearning for  about 15 short classes on Office 365 tech tools and have the content available via video and storyline module.  The class usually consists of 4 quick-hit videos for things like PowerPoint, etc.  Do I really need to try to summarize at the end?  First of all, the summary bullets always seem lame and obvious and videos stand on their own pretty well.  I sense the student is going to simply page through the summary slide and hit Exit -- When I teach teh class live, I don't summarize much because it is action packed.  What do you all think?

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Justin Collinge

Hi Mike,

I tend to agree with you that summaries can be at best skimmed past & at worst a bit lame. My solution is to lead them to commit to specific small actions using what they've just learned & then print that page (javascript button) or take a picture of it on their phone. The best results come when they have to share that page with their line manager.

Allison LaMotte

Hi Mike,

I think it's nice to include a summary to really drive home the key points. What you could do is include a downloadable PDF with the key points on it so that people don't have to look at it if they don't feel the need and those that do find it useful can keep a copy on their computer or even print it out.

Mike Song

Great Idea.

I figured out a simple way that I can create the summary with less effort and a better look and feel.

But you make a great point about the PDF. We have them embedded but we don't have a summary.

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