Is feedback necessary in a pre-test?

I've created a comprehensive assessment at the beginning of a compliance course. If the user passes, he/she jumps to a scorecard where they see that they tested out of all material and are certified. If the user doesn't pass, they jump to a "scorecard" which indicates which content they tested out of (and can optionally reviewed if they wish) and which content is required for review in order to be certified. My question is, how much feedback is recommended after each "test out" assessment question or mini-scenario is answered? 



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Trina Rimmer

Hi James. Great question! I'm sure there are some standard recommendations on this topic, but personally, I fall on the side of providing feedback whenever it makes sense. My thinking is that some folks may choose the correct answer without having much confidence in their choice. By giving them feedback on both correct and incorrect response types, you can cover your bases. That way if someone just made a lucky guess or went with their gut, they'll still get feedback to help them understand their choice. And for folks who made incorrect choices, you can briefly highlight where they went wrong and let them know you'll be going into more detail in the subsequent lesson(s).