Is it possible to edit multiple buttons across a storyline?

Jun 18, 2019

Hi everyone. I about to build a course that has a "request help" button noted throughout the whole story. This button is set to an email trigger that uses the following in the email field. text=body text

This button is located throughout the course. Every semester the email recipient will change and the email address needs to be updated. Is there any way I can set up this course so I am able to change all the button's email recipients at once? Perhaps with some sort of template or content library?



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Julio P

ah, that's an interesting solution. By chance, if I were to use a master slide within my course. Would it be possible to modify the master slide on a per-slide basis. Essentially, your solution would work, minus the fact that the Request Assistance button is not always located in the same location. It would be really great if I could move it every time I bring in a master slide.

Sorry, if this is a silly/basic question.


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