Is it possible to have multiple report tracking within a single course?

A client uses multiple LMSs in their environment and each one requires a different report tracking parameter (Pass/Fail, Pass/Incomplete, etc.). Can there be a way of modifying the SL lms folder to contain multiple parameters? The end goal is to have only a single course for all LMSs that contain what that specific LMS requires possibly through a js call?

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Matthew Bibby

It should be possible, but not something that I've done before. 

You could check the URL that is being viewed to determine which LMS is being used and then send the relevant info, but I'm sure there are lots of reasons why doing it this way might not be the best idea...

In order to set this up, it would not only take time initially to code this solution but would possibly end up taking longer to publish a course as you'd need to make the required code edits, test in each LMS etc.

I guess you could modify the templates that Storyline uses when publishing so that you don't need to edit the published output each time you publish.

But eventually, you'll update Storyline and forget to reapply the changes to the template (which are overwritten as Articulate doesn't support modifying the published output in this way), resulting in courses that don't work, unhappy managers, lost puppies and all the bad stuff.

All that being said... if they really want to do it, let me know and I should be able to get it working for you.

Matthew Bibby

Further to the above. You shouldn't even need to publish the course multiple times. Just publish it once, make however many copies you need, and then edit the code in the published output. From memory, I think it is the configuration.js file in the LMS folder that contains details of what settings are being used as far as SCORM versions etc. So you can just make a copy of your published output, change a bit of text in a .js file and be good to go.

Dave Goodman

Thanks for your comments - always an interesting read. I am going to try using your advice with the config/js file and see what happens. The problem is that I do not have access to any of the client's LMSs and there is a different LMS admin for each located around the world. We send the files, they test, report not working and everything goes into a black hole. I will contact you offline within the next few days. Thanks again.