Issue with Survey Question

Jul 21, 2021

I have not used a Survey question in the past. In this case, I just needed a way to compare the learner's answer to the "Correct" answer and thought the survey question would work.

For some reason, all of the links jump to the 5th question no matter what I do. Did I set this up wrong? Is this a glitch?

Thanks for any responses. Sample course attached.

2 Replies
Phil Mayor

There is a bug with hidden triggers, introduced when you duplicate, to remove in story view or slide sorter, click on a slide, hover over red triggers on the timeline start triggers right click and choose disconnect, a trigger is added each time you duplicate so you may need to do more than once for a slide.

Jeffrey Riley

Phil, Thank you for the response. It took me a while to find the red triggers on the timeline. They are the arrows between the slides. Once I found that, I was able to do the disconnect. See image I captured in case other read this.

Now that I know what caused the problem, I will just have to make sure each slide is an original. Thanks.