Issue with voiceovers


In my projects, I have been using my coworkers voices for voiceovers. Most of them are not voice talents, except for this one: click on IE (Institutional Effectiveness or Equity).

For prototypes, I use avatar voices (i.e. From Text to Speech)

A few months ago, I stumbled upon VoiceBunny.

Do you guys use resources like this one? What is your experience?


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Tim Danner

We normally have the SMEs of the content do the voiceover and, surprisingly, they usually do a good job. For these "academic"-type courses, we don't expect professional-level quality.

However, a few times we wanted to use professional voice talent with a British accent, so we used to solicit bids and then contracted with a few of the bidders. I coordinated the work with three different contractors -- one who was in the US and two who were in the UK -- and the process went smoothly. Just about everything, including payment, was done through the site.