Jeopardy revisited

Dec 30, 2013

Sean Hoyle started this thread about Jeopardy in Storyline and kindly provided his sample files.




Storyline File



My challenge to this forum is that I'm trying to tweak his original game without starting from scratch. I'm trying to create a LIVE game with two teams, without the use of multiple choice (the host would simply make the selection of right/wrong) and track the points from each team. I think for simplicity sake, I will not count off for incorrect answers, but I'm stuck trying to figure out how to enter which team receives the points for a correct answer. It is probably too late in the day for me to be thinking complex variables with scoring.


My other option is this lovely jeopardy game that I located on the interwebs if my Storyline attempt isn't successful and fast to tweak. My game is already built there, but I love the idea of using Storyline if possible considering it is much prettier and may function a little better.

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