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Oct 11, 2018

A client has asked us to provide a solution for worker replacement. This is in preparation for a 50% job turnover due to retirement. We need to capture present day knowledge from the pre-retirement group and insert this into job training and job preparation/job readiness training program. We understand the video capture and insertion into SL360 (the mechanics) but we are looking for advice and any experience you might be willing to share on what your company has achieved in your design and strategy concepts in doing the same type of project. One of the primary issues is that the potential market for worker replacement is minimal and the general skills are not yet there. The learning design concepts and the appropriate learning technologies are crucial consideration. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Robin Weggeman

Hi David,

It sounds like a compliance softsim? I have been developing these for many years. 
I think the approach to compliance softsims is the most important thing to think about.

What you dont want is a classic softsim, like Active presenter, with a film demo, a try, and a test or trial. Follow the mouse, or click the highlit area are no softsims. you should try not to do this.

I always try to do all of these things in one. See my example softsim

This type of softsim is the fastest and the most immersive for students. The film is always optional. The softsim should cover it all. the film is to view as a summary.

If you have specific questions about your problem, please mail me or leave them here...

Dave Goodman

Thanks Robbin - my poor communications. The environment is that of a manufacturing floor with heavy equipment. Various large pieces of equipment are operated by different people, different maintenance schedules, different job aids, different tips for operations, different unique circumstances depending upon different job orders, etc. My approach right now is for a skyview, looking downward onto the entire shop floor.Each piece of equipment will be highlighted so the learner will zoom into that piece of equipment only. We will do many video interviews with the shop floor experts and embed the video plus associated knowledge captures into the training, e.g., make sure you loosen fastner ABC by three left turns prior to shutting down the gear box for maintenance. this continues across all pieces of equipment, many interviews, knowledge captures, etc. On a side note, we are playing around with Vuforia as a different means of on-the-job training as part of this project. We have a comfort level on the above approach but have some gaps in the legal issues of filming and capturing knowledge (we understand the release forms), who will be selected for the videos, will they feel as if their work will be turned over to someone else after the training, how does this training fit within the job readiness and new job interview process etc. If this process is successful, the training will have a massive impact on creating new jobs, helping to keep the company moving stronger into the future, revitalizing the local workforce, creating opportunities for people who may have been overlooked due to lower skills, etc. I am trying to think of this specific training project as an entire job performance and job development effort.

Robin Weggeman

wow, your question is more of a management issue. (expectations management)

if the company want his older workers to teach the young, they should be given a sort of a promotion that matches their new role as coach better.

Of course I would be hesitant to share all of my secrets with people who are after my job, if poorly informed.  When you get promoted as a sort of superuser/senior or teamcoach, you will be more than helpfull.

it seems that the expectations of the workforce don't match the reality. They feel attacked. This needs to be solved first. (in my humble opinion)

Good luck, hopefully someone else will be more helpfull :)

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