Joining sessions

I realise this question has come up time and time again, if the community can let me know what they do this would be great.

I'm about to start working on a project that consists of approx 5 fairly large themes that will be big modules seperately.

Our content is accessed via our Moodle LMS which requires a password from individuals to gain access.

The client is requesting this is 1 seamless session as our users find it hard to navigate the LMS.

Currently when one session is completed in our LMS they return to an in-between page before navigating back to the course page (obviously this issue has been raised and we are trying to overcome with our moodle provider - not able to be rectified in the short term).

The other issue is that if a session is too large (published at 15,000KB +) download times are not accepted by the business (networks vary from site to site).

With these restrictions in mind, does anyone have working solutions tried and tested? Lets call it creative problem solving!!!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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