k12 Breakout EDU and Escape room "locks".

Aug 16, 2016

Hi Folks, 

Has anyone come across 'locks' or clues for breakout games?   The game provides a series of locks (hands-on/analog or digital).  Students are challenged to read a series of clues to find the combinations.  The locks are dates, words, colours, directional locks and so on.   It seems the game allows for close reading of text and engages students a bit more.  

Digital Breakout:  http://www.breakoutedu.com/digital

Analog samples:  http://www.breakoutedu.com/

I am wondering if anyone wants to work on designing some of these? 

How could students work on a puzzle together?  I have ideas for locks and clues but I am not a Storyline expert. 



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Tess Richardson

Hi Bonnie and Ridvan,

I've been asked by a client to use an escape room or breakout theme in an upcoming course about employee benefits. I'm currently exploring and brainstorming how such a course might be structured. Just wondering what kind of progress either of you might have made in the last five months and if you have any insights to share?  Thanks!

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