Keeping Courses Updated, Staying Organized

Feb 19, 2016

Our company has suddenly started LOVING eLearning courses. I love this but I'm now coming to a point where I need to figure out how to keep track of all of the courses and make sure they stay up to date. Does anyone have suggestions of a process or program or website that helps manage the courses and sends alerts or something like that when a course needs updates? 

Right now when a course launches, I put a meeting on my calendar with the SME 8-9 months post launch to touch base on whether the course needs updates the following year. I guess I'm wondering if someone has a better process that I could use. 


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Bob S

Hi Mary Kate,

Sounds like a great problem to have!   Congrats on e-learning taking hold for you.

As for updates, you might want to consider a couple of different dimensions around updates.... what needs to be done, how pressing is it, how long since it's been touched.  We used to keep a simple spreadsheet with columns for these three parameters for each course. That way you can keep track of update requests/feedback and "score" the update need some extent. 

For example...

  • Navigation Issue: Won't advance to Quiz   --  Priority 5
  • Grammatical Error: Slide 2, 2nd paragraph -- Priority 1

Cleary a 5 needs to be fixed immediately, who cares when it was last updated or when it's due to be looked at.... it needs to be fixed now.

Or maybe you start seeing so many 2s and 3s adding up for a particular course that it moves up in update schedule and takes precedence.

Combine this matrix with a regular SME review for content applicability/relevance and you have a pretty good snap shot picture of which courses need to be touched first and which can wait another quarter... or year....

Hope this helps!

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