Knob turn effect?

Mar 05, 2021

A search of this topic only brought up discussions over 6 years old. Does anyone have/be willing to share how to create a knob turn effect? I am teaching how to use a microscope to my 6th graders. I have 4 knobs that need to turn in both directions. I have figured out how to use hyperlinks over half of each knob to move the microscope slide around etc (not shown on this slide so it would be cleaner) but I cannot figure out how to make it look like the knob is turning. My knobs have to look like the knobs in this file so they look like those of a microscope and have to be orientated in this position with no added numbers, etc. Thank you to all you geniuses who figure this stuff out! Seems I just have so much more to learn...

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Chris Foster

Hi Robin,

You could make the knob turning effect by using a slider, then using a picture for the handle fill and mask off the slider with shapes that are coloured to the background so appear invisible. 

I have made an example here for you using your original images. I edited the dials in PowerPoint to make them longer/wider before using in SL for the slider handle, 

I made the stage a slider and linked it to the lower dial. Move that to move the stage left and right.

Use the two buttons to show/hide the masking shapes so you can better see what I mean.

Here it is:

Robin Wooten

Oh my! That's beautiful! It works perfectly. I tried something that was actually similar but it did not have the same effect because it wasn't a SLIDER! I'd never used sliders before. Oh this is great! I am very excited about it as you can tell - its not just a vanity thing - I just really want this to look and behave like the real thing for my students, Thank you, thank you, Chris, for your time and ingenuity! I am sure a lot of people will be able to use this too.

Chris Foster

Ahh wow Robin, love that you are so excited about your project - nothing wrong with passion like that! I'm really pleased this has helped you out and your reply has made my day thank you!

If you want some cool ideas for sliders, check out the webinars  (if you havn't already) I use them a lot. 

Thanks again Robin and good luck with your project :)

Robin Wooten

Thanks, Chris, but your effort is certainly worth the praise! I am really excited about this project. Since I started using modules for teaching how to use the microscope - the students have done so much better in their labs - finding what they want to see so much faster. It is useless to try to teach them with a microscope in front of them because they are in Christmas-morning-its-a-new-toy mode.

Webinars have been a godsend to me. I didn't know that webinar searches existed so those will really help. I wonder if I might ask you a big favor though. Would you mind posting the story file so I can get a jump start on figuring out the slider settings etc behind the scenes? Sometimes taking them apart like those of the challenges really helps me learn as well. Sorry to ask for another favor!

Chris Foster

Hi Robin,

It's always interesting to me to hear how elearning is used like the scenario you've just laid out, I can imagine it being a huge benefit with fewer broken microscopes and frustrated pupils!

Webinars are indeed a godsend and the ones available on this site are so useful.

Sure thing - the file is attatched to my original reply. Should have pointed it out - sorry!