Layers and Transcripts

Jul 27, 2016

I would like to use the accordion template, or alternatively my own layered slide, in a program that requires a transcript in the player for 508 compliance.  Is it possible through some means to have different notes for each layer so that the transcript in the player tracks the accordion pane (or layer) that the user is viewing.  As far as I can tell, even though each layer has a timeline, you can only have one notes text for the entire slide.    Any method for accomplishing this would be appreciated. 

I have attached a brief .story file to illustrate.  I would like to have a narrator that reads the content of each tab in the "accordion" and sync the transcript in the player tab to the content of the tab that is being read.   I am open to creating my own layered screen to accomplish the same thing.  The accordion is just a nice presentation, but I don't want a sequence of individual pages for each "tab" as there will be many in this program and it gets hard to manage all of them (as opposed to layered screens).

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