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Sep 18, 2013

I have one slide with four layers. when the slide timeline gets to the end, the layers disappear so the user cannot click on them for more info.

I have other slides with layers that work perfectly. The slide shows the layers at the end when in preview mode while the one not working goes blank.

so I can't figure out why all my slides but one are working as I want them to. There must be some setting I can't find that is causing this problem. I seem to have tried everything including various searches but I am stuck. Please help!

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Andrew Sellon

Hi, Susanne--are you still having trouble with this?  Usually when a base (main) slide goes blank, it's because whatever objects you have placed on that base layer (images, buttons, whatever) are "running out of time" in your slide's Timeline.  You need to make sure any slide object you want remaining on your slide's base layer does in fact stretch its timing to the end of that slide's Timeline in the Timeline tab at the bottom of your developer window.  Could that be the problem in your case?  I have had issues with that sometimes, where I had objects that went to the end, but after editing and saving, suddenly some objects no longer reach out to the end of the Timeline. When editing objects on a slide, it's all too easy to unwittingly stretch the Timeline out further, and suddenly objects that used to stay on screen through the end of the slide no longer reach the end, and need to have their timing extended.  Adding audio files is one obvious example that often alters a slide's timing.

If this is not the solution, it would be great if you could post a screenshot or the slide in question so someone in the forum could take a look.

If this IS the solution, please click the Suggest/Verify as Answer button so that others will know the issue was resolved.

Also: You will probably see a quicker reply on future Storyline posts if you put them directly in the Storyline forum rather than the Building Better Courses/General Discussion forum.

Hope this helps,


Laura Hesketh

Another issue that will cause items to disappear at the end of the timeline is where the item has an exit animation, such as 'Fade Out'.  Even if you have not added an exit animation, it is still worth checking as it may be an item you cut and pasted from another slide or imported from other projects - making it possible that the animation exists without your realising it.

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