Learning in a Healthcare Environment

Good morning-

I'm curious about learning and development in a healthcare environment. Those of you who work in this industry - what is your approach to on-demand/JIT learning (i.e. need to immediately know how to perform a process) and as-needed training? It's often not possible to have job aids posted or compiled in a book and newsletters/bulletins don't reach all employees.

In addition to elearning, what else is effectively used?

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Russ Sawchuk


What I have started doing is creating job-aids look-up apps that can be downloaded to a mobile phone or tablet. These days just about everyone has a mobile phone. They can then easily look-up the information they need.

You can see some of educational healthcare apps we have created here. We use them to complement our nursing e-learning quizzes and courses.


Allison LaMotte

Hi Mary! Have you checked out our new app, Rise? It's perfect for creating just-in-time learning. Here are some example courses to give you a better of idea of what that looks like:

Hope that's helpful! :)

Scott Kaye

I have used an LMS to merely post policies for review.  Much more often however, there is a need for interactivity.  Some sort of demonstration of a concept or a procedure. There is also the need for regular "competency testing" and of course the ability to review content later on.  Storyline has been my go to tool for quite some time now....

Debra  Wingfield

In our hospital system we curate a YouTube channel and have also started using OR codes as everyone seems to have a Smart Phone these days.  We're also trying to partner with our local community college so that we can work with students to develop JIT apps.  Like Tracy we have job aids and pocket cards too.