Learning Module For Teaching A System

Jun 14, 2021

Good afternoon everyone.  I build a lot of modules & videos on how use a CSR would use a system at work or would perform a particular function/transaction in a system.  It seems like a lot of the system gets shown but I would like to do something that is more engaging than just showing the screen shots/screen recording of the process being performed with a voice over telling someone what to do.

Does anyone have some examples or ideas of what you have done to make this a more engaging learning?

Thank you in advance for any help you can provides.  I greatly appreciate it.


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Alex Wilcox

Hi Greg, that's a great question! And I love your focus on learner engagement. One thing I've found that really helps is creating software simulations instead of videos. Software simulations allow you to create an interactive scenario that mirrors the real software. This engages the learner and also lets them practice in a no-risk setting. There are some other great ways to make videos more engaging and I'm including links below to help you get started!

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