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Nicole Legault

Hey Tristan! 

Good for you! Graphic design skills are an amazing asset for an e-learning developer/designer. 

I think a good first step is to identify if you're the kind of learner who needs a structured or planned course approach, or if you're the kind of learner who is more exploratory and comfortable figuring things out on your own. I think this will also depend on your budget and how much you're willing to lay down, money-wise, to learn this new skill.  

If you like a more structured approach maybe you should look into some online courses or workshops that you can register for, maybe Lynda.com or the likes. I'm sure some other community members might chime in with their own opinions of which courses are most worthwhile or worth the money.

If you're comfortable with the whole "self-taught" idea, and you are driven and motivated to learn on your own, there are TONS of video tutorials on Youtube and more websites than you can count that have free guides and step-by-step information you can follow. Personally, I am self-taught in Photoshop, so I know it's do-able. Time and practice are the two keys, IMO!

For example, I just did a quick Google search of "working with Layers in Photoshop" and I got over 2 million results including some great looking (FREE) video tutorials. 

Good luck!!

Nicole Legault

Oh, one more thing I just thought of! Not sure if you're an ID or e-learning dev, but if you'd like to learn about Photoshop and also sharpen your training dev skills at the same time, I would suggest that you create a little mini-module in your favorite authoring tool on how to Work with Layers in Photoshop. 

I've often found that explaining it to others and creating a course about something is the best way to really familiarize myself with new materials and make sure I grasp the concepts. 

Just an idea! :)

Ashley Chiasson
Tristan Hunt

Thanks Nicole!

I am self-taught In pretty much everything so that is the way I plan to continue. At the moment I just want to learn what I need to get the job done and from there will pick up more skills in using the software.

I know there is a lot of resources out there so was hoping to get a bit of direction from people who had already done similar so as to save some time weeding out the good from the bad.



Jackie Van Nice

As Nicole, Bryan, and Ashley have mentioned - I'd also suggest Lynda.com.

I think they do a great job - especially for courses on things like Photoshop - and you can cruise their course catalog, see detailed syllabi, and even view a few sample videos for each one without having to pay a cent!


Tristan Hunt

I been looking at Lynda.com for a couple of things so think it might be time to subscribe...

Checked out a couple of youtube videos this morning and from that have worked out how to do what I need to do for now so very happy with that. Nothing advanced but I think I will put some time aside each morning to have a play and try new things see what I can come up with.




Michael O.

Check with your local library to see if they are subscribing to the Lynda.com service.  They have great tutorials. That way it does not cost you anything. If you are affiliated with a university or college, they often subscribe to Lynda.com as well. 

If you want to save even more money use Affinity Photo (Lynda.com has tutorials for it as well). It has most of the features of Photoshop at a fraction of the price. It costs $50 for Mac or Windows and just $20 for iPad.  And No Subscription.