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Jan 17, 2014


I was just wondering whether anyone was attending the Learning Technologies exhibition in London at the end of the month. I'm thinking of going for the first time this year and thought I would see if anyone has been before and what there thoughts were on these kind of events?

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Nick n/a

Hi Stephen,

Is your company sending you or are you going as an individual/business owner?

I guess you could network there but as for the presentations they do also post them on youtube.


I find them useful as I can re-watch any points I missed. Can't really do that with a live presentation.


Bruce Graham

Hi Stephen,

Not sure whether you are aware/unaware - but LearnTech consists of 2 parts, the free bit, and the expensive bit

The videos (highlights) which Nicholas points to are from both parts.

The expensive part, the "Conference", costs £1000+. It has some excellent speakers, however, it is beyond the range of many.

The free part is the main "exhibition". I have been to that for 2-3 years, there are loads of stands, you can meet people you know, and I prefer to network in the rather good Argentinian Steak House at the "2 o'clock" position when you come out of the main entrance.

It's an excellent event to attend if you have a specific goal. There are some excellent lectures going on (mostly to sell product rather than the Conference where the lectures are mainly around trends, concepts and ideas), and you will find the Articulate Team there. Saying that, to me, after a few years it is a bit "samey", and as I have no specific objective to go I will be missing it this year.

Hope that helps.

David Price

I'll be there with one of my colleagues on the 29th.  Another 2 of my colleagues will be there on the 30th (exhibition only).

I went last year and got some really good ideas from some of the companies exhibiting there.  I found there is a lot of focus on mobile learning which is great but the company I currently work for can not deploy mLearning yet so some of it wasn't much use to me.  Still interesting to learn about though.

I didn't have much of an opportunity to network with people but would be more than happy to meet up with anyone who fancies a chat over a coffee.

Sarah Street


I would agree - this is very worthwhile attending. Like the other contributors I agree that it is a great way to find out what is new on the market, get ideas etc. As the stands at the exhibition are the same both days (to my knowledge!) I tend to review the content of the talk and then select the day that attracts me most, rather than hit it both days!

Adrian Shepard

Hi Stephen

I've been for the last few years and will be there this year, probably on the Thursday 30th. I always print off the free seminar listings (http://www.learningtechnologies.co.uk/free-seminars/) before going to the show and highlight the ones that sound interesting then fit in looking round the stands where I have gaps.

BTW Tom K is presenting on Thursday 30th 15:30 - 16:00 Theatre 1: Interactive video made easy with Articulate Studio and Storyline

(http://www.learningtechnologies.co.uk/2014-fs-d2t1-1530/ ). I am guessing Tom will be on the Articulate stand for some of the day too.

Maybe see you there

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