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Rebecca Dodds

Not sure what you mean by WBT.  My team gathers L1 feedback for every online course that we create.  I've got a standard L1 survey set up in Quizmaker.  We just add it to every course and change the title of the quiz. 

If your courses are housed in an LMS, set the publish settings in Articulate '09 to track that L1 survey.  If not, I've had good luck with setting the quiz options to email to my team's central mailbox.  Then we review the emails that come in. 

For L1 and L2 evaluations for courses running from the LMS, our publish settings track the L2 quiz in the LMS and we set the L1 to email results.  So, we're able to collect both data points for those courses. 

Eric Nalian

Hey Diane,

I have attached a copy of the survey that we use.  Once a course is completed, the LMS will add the survey for our learners to complete.  When we were creating our survey we were trying to keep it as short as possible while trying to maximize the information that a learner will provide to us.

If you have any questions, let me know