Jun 16, 2013

One of my client wants to develop a training for an audience outside the company. The training should be available via internet, but it should be possible to track completion in some way. I know there are different LMS systems out there that you can use via internet/cloud. Does anyone have good experiences with one of these? The system should be absolutely trustworthy, possibly SCORM compliant, easy (and free!) to use for the enduser. Budget is not an issue, my client is willing to pay a fee.

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Madeline Goepp

Hi Mandy,

I'm surprised I'm the first to reply.  I would recommend checking out Litmos.  The system is extremely easy to use but still very robust.  It has a self sign-up feature as well.

I believe there are a few other forums on the eLearning Heros that talks about the different LMSs, however, I'm not quite sure where it is located.  Perhaps someone who can find it could share.


Kate Wareham

Hi Mandy,

We have recently started using Docebo (the Cloud Based version) and it's been fantastic.  Of course it depends on your requirements, but from what you've asked for (easy to use, free for the end user, SCORM compliant) I can tell you it has worked brilliantly for us.

It was literally ready to go after around 30 minutes of configuration, and I find it extremely straightforward for uploading content.  We have also had positive reports from end users who found it extremely easy to use.  

It does cost the company (not the end user) a small amount per month, but I would say it's definitely worth it rather than the potential struggle with some of the open source options out there which we wanted to steer clear of - but it all depends what your priorities are.

Hope this helps!


Rebecca Dodds

In Quizmaker, you can set up your course survey to email the results to a central mailbox.  If you can't use an LMS, at least you can do some tracking via those emails.  That's what I did when our company was still using SharePoint, and still do if I have a test and that course survey in the same module posted on our LMS (because SCORM standards only track 1 instrument).

Mandy Bosch

And also thanks to Madeline and Rebecca Your thoughts are much appreciated. If anyone looking at this conversation and has any  further thoughts on this, or can post a link to a forum on LMS that would be helpful. I do not yet have a lot of knowledge and on LMS and neither has my client so anything you can share or tips as to what we should think about are welcome.

Stefano Posti

There are too many variables to consider... You should consider business implications, training programmes duration, number of students... If it is just a startup project, I would definitely go for docebo or litmos... But take care of Articulate online, too! If you are building courses with Storyline and you want to track iPad sessions, too, that could be the best choice... Make a list of needs and prerequisites, first!

hope it helps,


Glyn Chadwick

Hi Mandy

I have been using the community version of efront (http://www.efrontlearning.net/as an LMS for some clients that are cost sensitive. I have published courseware to it developed in all the Articulate packages and have had very few issues. The interface is simple especially for the student and if required it is an easy upgrade to the commercial version.

I have been very pleased with efront.

If you want more information or access to a site, then pm me.

Best regards


Russ Sawchuk

Hi Glyn,

Thanks for the lead on efront. I have developed a Joomla website for a client to offer online credit management courses. All the course modules are built in StoryLine. We needed some basic student management, tracking and reporting functions. I purchased and installed Guru, an LMS extension for Joomla. Unfortunately, I could not get Guru to work properly, and it didn't have some of the critical features we needed (testing).

Efront installed without any problems, and eventually I figured out how to configure and work with it. It is relatively easy to use and I am impressed with all the functions it has. For now, the community version seems to have all we need.

I had a look and evaluated other LMS systems such as Moodle, Dokeos, Sakai, Atutor, Claroline and Docebo. Efront was the best for our needs, although ILIAS looked pretty good.

Thanks again.


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