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hi, please help!!

a) Is there a way for the scores that students receive on games and quizes to be loaded directly into our LMS ( which is Blackboard.)? Let's say there is a multiple choice game or something similar, can the teacher receive feedback about how individual students did?

b) Is there a way for a teacher to know which questions the class as a whole (or a majority were unable to answer successfully or could get right). Again, can this information be communicated to our LMS?

c) Are the students able to keep a portfolio of activities that they have completed in Storyline. For example, if at the end of a unit they need to choose an item from a selection of items and put them into a virtual backpack, is there a way that they can keep adding to that cumulatively and return to it at the end of the course?

any answers would be greatly appreciated!

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Bob S

Hi Nicky,

Many of the things you are asking about are exactly why full-fledged LMSs are used (rather than the myriad of other deployment options out there).   Recording and aggregating scores is a standard LMS feature.   Also being able to do question-level analysis is also fairly common (though some LMSs will require you to use their quizzing tool in order to get this level of data back out). I'm not a BlackBoard expert, but fairly certain those things are pretty routine.  You are going to want to speak with your System Administrator to find out how to leverage them.

Hope this helps!