LMS recommendations

Hi everyone,

I'm working on a proposal for my company. I want to show them examples of how we can better deliver our eLearning modules. My plan was to create a few sample modules and stick them in a LMS. I have no budget right now. What's a free easy to access, easy to use LMS? 

I've used Moodle in the past so I'm familiar with it. But I was hoping for something cloud-based.

If they do choose to go ahead with the project I will research the best option for our needs, regardless of price.

Thanks for your time!

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Heather Willis

TalentLMS is a good beginner LMS. It has a lot of functionality and is low cost. www.talentlms.com

We have outgrown it after a few years and will probably go with a more custom solution and will be using eLogic. elogiclearning.com

Those are the two I am most familiar with although there is a lot to choose from out there.