A work-around for pop-up requirement?

May 25, 2020

Hi everyone

I'm new here and in my training role, but this forum has been invaluable to learning about Storyline and SCORM files.

Our training modules (all SCORM 1.2) are working well in our LMS (Worldlearn). We use Storyline 2 to develop modules.

My question is around user-friendliness and browser pop-ups. At our organisation, a large proportion of our employees (hundreds of them) are older and struggle with even basic computer operations. We field hours of calls and emails a week instructing users how to disable pop-up blockers in the different browsers so that training modules will launch from our LMS.

Our LMS provider has instructed us that the training modules need to launch in new windows/tabs as that's how they communicate with the LMS and update records. Is there a work-around for this though? In IE and Edge, I managed to get a training module working in a HTML frame that bypassed the pop-up requirement, but this didn't work on Firefox or Chrome. Any tips or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!  

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Tim!

I'm happy to help!

There are a few places to check to make sure the course opens up correctly:

  • In the Player Properties, you'll want to customize the Browser Settings. To do this, open the Player and click Other. You'll see a Browser Settings section where you can determine how the course opens.
    • Here's what that looks like:


                                  Launch player in new window should be unchecked.

  • In the actual browser itself, you can customize the pop-up settings. If users will always go to the same website to take a course then you can add the website as a Trusted Site.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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