Lessons published to xAPI are opening in a Pop-up instead of a browser window

Jun 09, 2022


Our team recently switched from publishing our Storyline content in SCORM to publishing with xAPI. We have run into an issue where the lesson itself no longer opens in a browser window, but rather opens in a separate pop-up. This in of itself is not problematic, but we run into issues when we link separate URLs or attach documents. URLs and documents open in a new browser window, and the only way to return to the lesson is by finding the lesson on the task bar. This is not intuitive and our learners are struggling to navigate back to the lesson during self-paced training.

Is there an adjustment that we can make to xAPI zip file to force our LMS to launch the lesson in a browser window rather than the pop-up? Or any other solution?

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Jose Tansengco

Hello Christopher and Math!

If your LMS supports it, you can control how xAPI courses launch from your LMS by changing the 'Launch Behavior' to open inside the frameset. Here's what this option looks like in SCORM Cloud: 

And here's a sample course so you can see how the settings above affects the launching behavior of xAPI courses: 


Hope this helps!