SCORM/Pop-Up Windows not displaying

Nov 13, 2013

We are running our Articulate course via Moodle and Firefox.  I users reporting an issue with lesson content (SCORM) pop-up windows. Users are able to launch the SCORM window on the first time through but when they exit and come back later to re-launch the course pop-up window it opens with only blank information and the browser cannot reload the full SCORM file. I have no issues with this using Firefox on my computer so I cannot recreate the error. Has anyone else run in to this? Is this related to caching? or a browser setting? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Amy.

If you're experiencing issues with LMS content, please refer to this article, which outlines common issues pertaining to viewing and tracking content in an LMS.

Also, be sure to package your published content properly for your LMS.

If the issue persists, open a support case with your LMS provider, since they're your primary source of support for LMS tracking and reporting issues.

Good luck with your project!

Amy Schammert

Thanks for your responses.  The course itself was running for most users and I was fairly sure it was a browser issue, but was having trouble narrowing it down.  Turned out it was a cache issue.  The course files we created were large and after opening it once, it pushed their cache over the limit.  Once they cleared their cache, they were again able to access the content files.

Thanks for your suggestions!

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